About Las Palmas

At Las Palmas, family is everything. We have been a family run restaurant since the purchase of Las Palmas in 2002. Our motto is “nuestra casa es su casa” - “our house is your house.” 

Luis Jr served as the lead cook of Las Palmas for 10yrs. The inspiration of our dishes comes from Mazatlan cuisine, as well as Jalisco and Colima influences. Luis Jr and Lupe’s husband, Miguel, now share the kitchen and cooking responsibilities. To ease Luis Sr and Margarita of their duties, Luis Jr and Lupe have taken on some of the managerial duties, allowing their parents more freedom outside of the restaurant. 

Our restaurant has recently expanded to a food truck. Now customers are able to experience Las Palmas cuisine and catering conveniently outside of the restaurant at any venue. 

Everyone in the Rodriguez family helps run the restaurant everyday to provide excellent service and delicious food to our community.